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 The Blanche Davis Moore Foundation was established on April 7, 1993, for the purpose of enriching and improving the lives of children 18 and under. 

In order to use its financial resources prudently and because the Moore Foundation receives more requests than it can fund, the Foundation has established the following Grant Policies for its grant-making activities: 


 1. Grants will not normally be made to an organization whose national or regional headquarters is located outside of the State of Texas and which organization does not maintain a significant ongoing operation within the State of Texas, unless the funds requested are designated by the organization for use within Texas or for use outside the State of Texas to benefit children of Nueces County and the immediately surrounding counties.  

 2. All applications for grants must be filed on the standard Grant Application form promulgated by the Foundation and shall be directed to the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation's office, and not to the individual members of the Board of Directors, at 700 Everhart Road Suite J -21 Corpus Christi Texas 78411. 

 3. Applications will be considered only from non-profit organizations that are currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt non-profit organizations that are public charities (in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1969). To be considered, the charity must be currently listed as a public charity that is "not a private foundation" by the IRS on its most current Cumulative List of 501(c) (3) organizations. The Cumulative List of 501 (c) (3) Organizations, IRS Publication 78 can be viewed via the IRS website. and enter keyword: Cumulative list of 501(c) (3).

 4. As part of the application package, a copy of the IRS Form 990 as signed and filed with the IRS for the most current tax year of the applicant must be submitted to the Foundation complete with Schedule A showing all sources of support.  

 5. An application will not be considered if it might require special permission from the IRS to treat the Foundation's grant as an unusual grant so as to avoid the charity's loss of its "not a private foundation" status.  

 6. All grant funds must be used exclusively for the religious, educational, scientific, literary charitable purposes specified in the grant application.  

 7. The fact that the Foundation approves a portion of a grant request creates no obligation on the part of the Foundation to give further grants for the project which has been partially funded.  

 8. Grants are approved only by specific resolution of the Foundation's Board and are effective only after a Grant Agreement has been executed and delivered to the Foundation by Applicant and subsequently accepted by the Foundation in writing. 

 9. All grant recipients shall execute the Foundation's Grant Agreement and any contingencies must be satisfied before the Moore Foundation shall deliver payment of funds.  

 10. Once a grant has been approved, the date or dates for the funding of the grant will be determined by the Foundation's Board. 

 11. The Foundation prefers not to make grants to federal, state or municipal governments or any other tax-supported entity except for colleges or universities located in Nueces County and the four surrounding counties.  

 12. The Foundation generally does not make grants to pay for operating deficits.  

 13. The Foundation does not make grants for political expenditures or for lobbying activities. 

 14. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals for scholarships or other direct grants to individuals and prefer not to fund private schools.  

 15. The Foundation prefers not to make grants to establish or fund endowments. 

 16. All funds distributed by the Foundation must be used for the project designated in the application and the grant agreement, and any funds not used for the designated project must be returned to the Foundation. Further, all funds not used for the specific project within 12 months following the funding of the project must be returned to the Foundation.  

 17. Grant recipients will be required to file a final Grant Status Report on forms prepared by the Foundation, which final report must be filed on or before July 2nd of the year following the grant approval or within 60 days after the project is completed, whichever is sooner. Grant recipients will be required to file Interim Grant Status Reports annually on or before July 2nd of each year for ongoing grants (those that extend beyond one year) for funding to continue.  

 18. The Foundation will not accept an application from nor will it make subsequent grants to any previous grant recipient that has not timely filed with the Foundation all status reports for all previous grants.  

 19. Lobbying of the individual members of the Foundation's Board of Directors by grant applicants is prohibited and may result in the rejection of a grant application.  

 20. All grant applications will be considered annually at the Board meeting in October of each year. Applications must be complete and received in the Foundations office by July 2nd to be considered at the October meeting. Applications filed late or not in complete compliance by July 2nd will not be considered.  

Please include the following information:

 EXHIBIT A: Grant status report if previously funded by the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation

 EXHIBIT B: Current list of Board of Directors, listing business addresses, occupations and community affiliations.  

 EXHIBIT C: Current audited financial report. 

 EXHIBIT D: Copy of last IRS Form 990 filed 

 EXHIBIT E: List of major contributors and amounts to organization / program. 

 EXHIBIT F: Copy of latest verification of Tax Exempt Status from the Internal Revenue Service – no more than seven years old. An updated determination letter can be obtained by fax from the Internal Revenue Service by calling 1-877-829-5500 and selecting the option – speak to an IRS representative.  

 EXHIBIT G: If you are a “Supporting Organization” you must fill out Exhibit G (Certification of Supporting Organization Status) attached to application and provide us copies of the documents referred to therein. 

 EXHIBIT H: If you are a “Supporting Organization” you must provide us with a “reasoned opinion of counsel” setting forth the Supporting Organization’s “Type” classification and the rationale and factual basis for making that determination (i.e. a Type I, Type II, Type III, or Functionally Integrated Type III Supporting Organization). If the reasoned opinion of counsel states that your organization is a “Functionally Integrated Type III Supporting Organization” then the opinion must further state that the organization was determined to be “Functionally Integrated” in accordance with Treasury Regulation 1.509(a)-4(i)(3)(ii) and further state the rationale and factual basis for that determination. 

 If organization is a non-profit corporation – attach also the following:
EXHIBIT I: Corporate Charter or Certificate of Formation and any amendments to same.  

 EXHIBIT J: Bylaws and any amendments to same.  

 EXHIBIT K: List of current members of the Board of Directors and Officers. a. Listing also business addresses, occupations and community affiliations  

 EXHIBIT L: A copy of the corporate minutes specifically authorizing the filing of this grant application with the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation, which minutes shall include the purpose with which the grant funds are being requested and the dollar amount authorized to be requested in the application. * Note: If applicant has previously received a grant from the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation, rather than furnishing Articles and Bylaws, please furnish only amendments to same adopted since the date the last submission was made to the Foundation or certify in the application that there have been no amendments to said Articles and/or Bylaws.